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We can deliver solutions in a wide variety of applied programming languages, but preferred everything related to regular software development. About 16 years of programming experience in: C89, C99, C++ STD, VC++ CLI, C#, Asm, Lua, Python, PHP is what our main developer is holding in. We also make use of applied techniques and frameworks such as: MVC, MVVM, WCF, MFE. The development platforms supported by us: Windows, UNIX, FreeBSD, OSX, Android, iOS. We're delivering our projects ranging from private persons up to middle-sized business companies and are also engaging in open-source and completely free-of-cost development.

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We cannot publish every project due privacy agreements, but we try to publish as much as possible on our site

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John Doe

Arosy (Dennis)

Im working as dedicated Software-Engineer in various enviroments. My specialized project types are network, security and management software applications. The toolset a.k.a the programming enviroment im using is visual studio and preferred languages are C# and VC++ CLI.

Arosy's Lightbulb
Jane Helf

MasteX (Sven)

Im attempting to help Arosy wherever his expertise comes to and end, mostly those are simple but often overlooked issues.

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